Quick history

The property has been bought in 1950 by Mr René Vidal.

The patios have been designed and centenary trees planted by Mr Comboul, Architect, the former owner. That gave a rich harmony to the
whole property and offers nowaday a well-designed garden.

From that time, the property has stayed in the same family. 


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logo salvetatLa Salvetat-sur-Agoût

La Salvetat, a medieval village high in the mountain, long known for its hospitality.

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The first houses were built in a valley, around a monastery. From the XIIth century, the town settled on a moutain peak, to flee several attacks. The town got its name from this time: "La Salvetat" could be translated as "The Shelter".

In the XIVth century, the village came under the rule of the diocese of St-Pons de Thomières. Bishops settled into the castle which became their summer residence.

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Nowadays, this town of 1200 people lives on tourism and polyculture.
All nautic activities can be practised on the near lake, "La Raviège".

La Salvetat became famous when it started exporting its mineral water to the whole country. It is also a step on the Way of Saint-James.